withdraw 10M from ATM machines
Thai ATM

Police have arrested two Malaysian men on charges of creating fake ATM cards to withdraw more than 10 million baht from the accounts of more than 100 bank card holders.

Crime Suppression Division and immigration police arrested Goh Fook Chai, 35, and Lim Tze Chow, 34, in Sadao district, Songkhla, on Wednesday. Police said they found the suspects carrying 81 fake bank cards, three ATM skimmers, three micro spy cameras, six plastic plates, five batteries and 72 SIM cards.

Police allege that the pair attached the skimmers to the card slots of ATM machines to read the access numbers of inserted cards, while a spy camera attached and disguised using the plastic plates captured card users entering their access codes. Police said the pair then used the information to create fake cards. The arrests followed complaints from many commercial banks that they had lost about 10 million baht after the fake cards were used to withdraw funds from the accounts of about 100 customers, police said... read more

Source :  Bangkok Post

malaysia yang terbilang ..
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